About Us

Welcome to LUXBOLD...the place where simple, bold and classy fashion meets the busy lifestyle
We know how it feels to be busy, without the luxury of time to think of fashion. As a working mom of three energetic boys, I totally get you and know how you feel. Fashion is sometimes the last thing to think about.
LUXBOLD -  is positioned as a brand that will solve your fashion problems as we provide premium clothing to the everyday woman and most passionately - moms, all at affordable prices. We intend to make fashion easy and enjoyable.
Catering and delivering fashion choices and services to all the busy moms and working women was the main reason why LUXBOLD was founded.
To moms...We want to show the appreciation to the incredible job you are doing in raising the next generation of fabulous people by bringing back the excitement of fashion and trends to your world.

Enjoy shopping at LUXBOLD.